NIE Hot Topics - Set A Total Running Time: 6 hours, 34 minutes
Disc One Disc Four
Criminal Conduct & State of Mind/RIPA Robbery, Blackmail, Burglary, Bail & Cybercrime
01. Introduction 01. Robbery
02. Actus Reus and Mens Rea 02. Blackmail
03. Acts and Omissions 03. Burglary
04. Voluntary Act 04. Aggravated Burglary
05. Causation and Intervening Act 05. Introduction to the Release of Persons Arrested and Bail
06. Coincidence of Actus Reus and Mens Rea 06. Pre-charge Police Bail
07. Transferred Mens Rea 07. Duty to Inform Suspects in Writing
08. Principals and Accessories 08. Offence of Breach of Pre-charge Bail Travel Restriction
09. Joint Enterprise and Parasitic Accessory Liability 09. Acknowledging Bail in the Name of Another
10. Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 10. Offence of Absconding
11. Covert Human Intelligence Sources 11. Offences under the Computer Misuse Act 1990
12. Covert Surveillance  
  Disc Five
Disc Two Sexual Offences/Non-Fatal Offences Against
Elements of Code C and Code D & Interviews the Person
01. Detention and Treatment of Persons by Police Officers 01. Introduction to Sexual Offences and the Sexual Offences
02. The Right Not to be Held Incommunicado       Act 2003
03. Searching and Retention of Detainee's Property 02. Rape and Issues of Consent
04. Search and Examination to Ascertain Identity 03. The Definition of 'Sexual'
05. Identification by Body Samples and Impressions 04. Sexual Assault by Penetration
06. Interviews 05. The Definition of 'Touching' and Sexual Asault by
Disc Three 06. Causing Sexual Activity Without Consent
Theft & TWOC 07. Child Sex Offences: Indecent Photographs
01. Theft 08. Possessing Indecent Photographs
02. Dishonesty 09. Preparatory Offences
03. Appropriation 10. Common Asault or Battery
04. Property 11. Assault Occassioning Actual Bodily Harm
05. Theft of Land 12. s.20 Wounding or Inflicting Grievous Bodily
06. Things Growing Wild       Harm
07. Wild Creatures 13. s.18 Wounding or Causing Grievous Bodily Harm
08. What is NOT Property?       with Intent
09. Belonging to Another 14. Threats to Kill
10. Intention of Permanently Depriving  
11. Theft Recapped Copyright Julianna Mitchell. Tracklisting not to be reproduced
12. Taking a Conveyance Without Consent without permission.

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