NIE Hot Topics - Set B Total Running Time: 6 hours, 29 minutes
Disc One Disc Four
Incomplete Offences/Perjury etc Misuse of Drugs/Firearms
01. Introduction 01. Misuse of Drugs: Definition
02. Incomplete Offences Overview 02. Possession of Drugs: Definition
03. Encouraging or Assisting Crime 03. Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Drug
04. Conspiracy 04. Supply of Drugs: Definition
05. Attempts 05. Supplying a Controlled Drug
06. Impossibility 06. Possession with Intent to Supply
07. Perjury 07. Firearms and Gun Crime: Definitions
08. Aiding and Abetting Perjury 08. Possessing or Acquiring a Firearm or Ammunition
09. Perverting the Course of Justice       without Certificate
10. Intimidating Witnesses and Jurors in Proceedings 09. Possessing or Acquiring a Shotgun without Certificate
      for an Offence
10. Possessing or Acquiring a Prohibited Weapon
11. Intimidation of Witnesses in Other Proceedings       or Ammunition
12. Assisting Offenders 11. Criminal Use of Firearms
13. Concealing Relevant Offences  
14. Escaping Disc Five
15. Assisting Escape Kidnap/Modern Slavery/Public Order/Child Protection
16. Harbouring Offenders 01. False Imprisonment
02. Kidnapping
Disc Two 03. Human Trafficking
Search/Fraud/Handling/Proceeds of Crime 04. Public Order Offences
01. Entry, Search and Seizure 05. Child Abduction: Person Connected with Child
02. Search Warrants 06. Child Abduction: Person Not Connected with Child
03. Search Warrants for Indictable Offences 07. Police Protection of Children
04. Fraud - Introduction 08. Designated Officer
05. Fraud by False Representation
06. Fraud by Failing to Disclose
07. Fraud by Abuse of Position
08. Possession or Control of Articles for Use in Fraud
09. Making or Supplying Articles for Use in Fraud
10. Obtaining Services Dishonestly
11. False Accounting
12. Handling Stolen Goods
13. Proceeds of Crime
Disc Three
Criminal Damage/Homicide
01. Simple Criminal Damage
02. Aggravated Damage
03. Arson
04. Threats to Damage or Destroy Property
05. Murder
06. Voluntary Manslaughter
07. Diminished Responsibility
08. Loss of Control
09. Suicide Pact
10. Involuntary Manslaughter Copyright Julianna Mitchell. Tracklisting not to be
11. Corporate Manslaughter reproduced without permission.

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