Sergeants' & Inspectors' Legal Exam Audio Crammer Course
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Running time: 12 hours, 55 minutes

Full tracklisting:

Disc One
01. Introduction
02. Actus Reus and Mens Rea
03. Acts and Omissions
04. Voluntary Act
05. Causation and Intervening Act
06. Coincidence of Actus Reus and Mens Rea
07. Strict Liability
08. Transferred Mens Rea
09. Principals and Accessories
10. Joint Enterprise and Parasitic Accessory Liability
11. Conspiracy
12. Attempts
13. Inadvertence and Mistake
14. Duress by Threats and Duress of Circumstances
15. Misuse of Drugs: Introduction
Disc Two
01. Possession of Drugs: Introduction
02. Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Drug
03. Supply of Drugs: Definition      
04. Supplying a Controlled Drug
05. Possession with Intent to Supply
06. Intoxicating and Psychoactive Substances
07. Firearms and Gun Crime: Definitions
08. Possessing or Acquiring a Firearm or Ammunition without Certificate
09. Possessing or Acquiring a Shotgun Without Certificate
10. Criminal Use of Firearms
11. Firearms: Police Powers
Disc Three
01. Racially and Religiously Aggravated Offences
02. Common Assault or Battery
03. Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm
04. Wounding or Inflicting Grievous Bodily Harm
05. Wounding or Causing Grievous Bodily Harm with Intent
06. Assault with Intent to Resist Arrest
07. Assault on Police
08. Obstructing a Police Officer
09. Threats to Kill
10. False Imprisonment
11. Kidnapping
12. Hostage Taking
13. Modern Slavery
Disc Four
01. Introduction to Sexual Offences and the Sexual Offences Act 2003
02. Rape and Issues of Consent
03. The Definition of 'Sexual'
04. Sexual Assault by Penetration
05. The Definition of 'Touching' and Sexual Assault by Touching
06. Causing Sexual Activity without Consent
07. Child Abduction: Person Connected with Child
08. Child Abduction: Person Not Connected with Child
09. Child Cruelty
10. Police Protection of Children
11. Designated Officer
12. Contravention of Police Protection
13. Disclosure of Information Regarding Child
Disc Five
01. Theft: Introduction
02. Dishonesty
03. Appropriation
04. Property
05. Theft of Land
06. Things Growing Wild
07. Wild Creatures
08. What is NOT Property?
09. Belonging to Another
10. Intention of Permanently Depriving
11. Theft Recapped
12. Robbery
13. Blackmail
Disc Six
01. Burglary
02. Aggravated Burglary
03. Interfering with Vehicles
04. Advertising Rewards
05. Simple Criminal Damage
06. Aggravated Damage
07. Arson
08. Threats to Destroy or Damage Property
09. Contamination or Interference with Goods
10. Exclusion of Admissible Evidence
Disc Seven
01. Introduction to the Release of Persons Arrested and Bail
02. Pre-charge Police Bail
03. Duty to Inform Suspects in Writing
04. Offence of Breach of Pre-charge Bail Travel Restriction
05. Pre-charge Police Bail: Summary
06. Police Bail After Charge
07. Acknowledging Bail in the Name of Another
08. Detention of Juveniles After Charge
09. Offence of Absconding
10. Remands in Police Custody
11. Youth Justice System and Youth Offending Teams
12. Parenting Orders
13. Child Safety Orders
14. Removal of Truants
15. Strip Searches and Intimate Searches
16. Search and Examination to Ascertain Identity
Disc Eight
01. Breach of the Peace
02. Riot
03. Violent Disorder
04. Affray
05. Fear or Provocation of Violence
06. Intentional Harassment, Alarm, Distress
07. Disorderly Conduct
08. Having an Offensive Weapon in a Public Place
09. Having Bladed or Sharply Pointed Article in a Public Place
10. Trespassing with Weapon of Offence
11. Sale of Knives to Persons under 18
Disc Nine
01. Placing or Sending Articles or Substances
02. Threats and Communication of False Information
03. Interfering with Mail
04. Malicious Communications
05. Improper Use of Public Communications
06. Making False Alarm of Fire
07. Misbehaviour at a Designated Football Match
08. Football Banning Orders
09. Sporting Events and Alcohol
10. Fireworks and Flares at Sporting Events
11. Ticket Touts
12. Road Policing: Definitions and Principles
Disc Ten
01. The Power to Stop a Vehicle
02. Road Checks
03. Causing Death or Serious Injury by Dangerous Driving
04. Dangerous Driving
05. Careless and Inconsiderate Driving
06. Causing Death by Careless Driving when Unfit through Drink or Drugs
07. Causing Death by Careless Driving
08. Refusal to Give Details
09. Driving while Unfit Through Drink or Drugs
10. Driving while Over the Prescribed Limit
11. Preliminary Tests
12. Evidential Specimens
13. Failing to Provide or Give Permission for Test
14. Tampering with Motor Vehicles
15. Using a Vehicle for Harassment
16. Smoking in Vehicles
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