NIE Hot Topics Audio Crammer Course

NEW Extended Digital Edition now available on USB
for the 2019 NIE exams

Introductory offer for the 2019 exams: only £75 including VAT

Julianna's extended digital edition of her popular audio crammer course consists of over 16 hours of subject matter. Building on the success of the CD Audio Crammer Course, this digital edition contains over 3 extra hours of additional material including:

  • Additional subjects not on the CD Edition
  • Extended versions of existing subjects
  • Revision questions to help you measure your progress

The extended digital edition comes in mp3 format on a single USB flash drive. All files are named and tagged by number and subject name so they will appear labelled in the correct order however you choose to play them.
Click here for a full Digital Edition tracklisting.

Maximise your chances of success by using your time wisely. Sitting in traffic, walking the dog, doing the ironing? You could be listening and learning! Explaining the law in simple terms, this audio course covers the principal 'Hot Topics' (the most frequently questioned NIE exam areas), and allows you to listen over and over again, until the subjects stick in your memory. Written and narrated by Julianna Mitchell LLB (Hons), BCL (Oxon), Barrister.

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Sample One
A01_04_Voluntary Act.mp3
Sample Two
B04_06_Possession with Intent to Supply.mp3
  Extended Digital Edition v2.0 - Available now - £75

Criminal Conduct & State of Mind / Incomplete Offences / General Defences / Issues in Evidence / Entry, Search & Seizure / Detention, & Treatment of Persons by Police Officers / Release of Person Arrested / Regulation of Investigatory Powers / Homicide / Misuse of Drugs / Firearms and Gun Crime / Racially and Religiously Aggravated Offences / Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person / Child Protection / Offences Involving the Deprivation of Liberty / Theft and Related Offences / Fraud and Related Offences / Criminal Damage / Sexual Offences
Click here for a full Digital Edition tracklisting

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January 2019
  Set A Version 5.00 5-disc CD set for the 2019 exams
January 2019
  Set B Version 5.00 5-disc CD set for the 2019 exams

"I'm very pleased Julianna extended her audio CDs to the NIE. I listened to them over and over on the daily commute - sheer repetition definitely helped make things stick".

TI I.C. (Met Police)


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