Sergeants' & Inspectors' Legal Exam Audio Crammer Course
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Crime 1
(Criminal Conduct & State of Mind / Incomplete Offences & General Defences)

11101 Introduction
11102 Actus Reus and Mens Rea
11103 Acts and Omissions
11104 Voluntary Act
11105 Causation and Intervening Act
11106 Coincidence of Actus Reus and Mens Rea
11107 Strict or Absolute Liability
11108 Transferred Mens Rea
11109 Principals and Accessories
11110 Joint Enterprise and Parasitic Accessory Liability
11111 Corporate Liability
11112 Vicarious Liability
11201 Incomplete Offences Overview
11202 Encouraging or Assisting Crime
11203 Conspiracy
11204 Attempts
11205 Impossibility
11206 Automatism
11207 Intoxication: Voluntary or Involuntary
11208 Inadvertence and Mistake
11209 Duress by Threats, and Duress of Circumstances
11210 Defence of Self, Others or Property
11211 Infancy
11999 Revision Questions - Crime 1

Crime 2
(Homicide / Misuse of Drugs / Firearms & Gun Crime)

12101 Murder
12102 Voluntary Manslaughter
12103 Diminished Responsibility
12104 Loss of Control
12105 Suicide Pact
12106 Involuntary Manslaughter
12107 Causing Death of Child or Vulnerable Adult
12108 Encouraging or Assisting Suicide
12109 Solicitation of Murder
12221 Misuse of Drugs: Introduction
12222 Possession of Drugs: Definition
12223 Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Drug
12224 Supply of Drugs: Definition
12225 Supplying a Controlled Drug
12226 Possession with Intent to Supply
12227 Supply of Articles for Administration or Preparing Controlled Drugs
12228 Production of a Controlled Drug
12229 Cultivation of Cannabis
12230 Regulated Possession & Supply of Controlled Dugs
12231 Occupier or Manager of Premises Permitting Drug Misuse
12232 Community Protection & Closure Notices
12233 Assisting or Inducing Drugs Offence Outside UK & Importation
12234 Temporary Class Drug Orders
12235 Incitement
12236 Travel Restriction Orders
12237 Misuse of Drugs Act Police Powers
12238 Obstruction
12239 Intoxicating and Psychoactive Substances
12240 Supply of Butane Lighter Refill to Person under 18
12301 Firearms and Gun Crime: Definitions
12302 Possessing or Acquiring a Firearm or Ammunition without Certificate
12303 Possessing or Acquiring a Shotgun Without Certificate
12304 Shortening a Shotgun Barrel
12305 Air Weapons Offences
12306 Possessing or Acquiring a Prohibited Weapon or Ammunition
12307 Criminal Use of Firearms
12308 Firearms: Police Powers
12309 Possession or Acquisition of Firearms by Convicted Persons
12310 Other Restrictions on Possession or Acquisition
12311 Restrictions on Transfer of Firearms
12999 Revision Questions - Crime 2

Crime 3
(Weapons / Offences Against the Person etc.)

13101 Having an Offensive Weapon in a Public Place
13102 Threatening with Offensive Weapon in Public
13103 Having Bladed or Sharply Pointed Article in a Public Place
13104 Weapons on School Premises
13105 Trespassing with Weapon of Offence
13106 Manufacture and Sale of Weapons
13107 Sale of Knives to Persons under 18
13108 Unlawful Marketing and Advertising of Knives
13201 Racially and Religiously Aggravated Offences
13202 Common Assault or Battery
13203 Assaults on Emergency Workers
13204 Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm
13205 s20 Wounding or Inflicting Grievous Bodily Harm
13206 s18 Wounding or Causing Grievous Bodily Harm with Intent
13207 Assault with Intent to Resist Arrest
13208 Assault on Police
13209 Obstructing a Police Officer
13210 Threats to Kill
13211 Torture
13212 s23 Poisoning
13213 s24 Poisoning With Intent
13214 Use of Noxious Substance to Harm or Intimidate
13215 Throwing Corrosive Fluid on a Person
13216 False Imprisonment
13217 Kidnapping
13218 Hostage Taking
13219 Modern Slavery
13220 Human Trafficking
13999 Revision Questions - Crime 3

Crime 4
(Sexual Offences / Sex Offences Against Children or Family Members / Offences Involving Photographs and Images of Children / Sexual Exploitation of Children / Sexual Offences Against People with a Mental Disorder / Offences Relating to Prostitution / Preparatory & Other Sexual Offences)

14101 Introduction to Sexual Offences and the Sexual Offences Act 2003
14102 Rape and Issues of Consent
14103 The Definition of 'Sexual'
14104 Sexual Assault by Penetration
14105 The Definition of 'Touching' & Sexual Assault by Touching
14106 Causing Sexual Activity Without Consent
14107 Rape and Other Offences Against Children Under 13
14201 Sexual Activity with a Child
14202 Engaging in Sexual Activity in the Presence of a Child
14203 Causing a Child to Watch a Sexual Act
14204 Arranging or Facilitating Child Sex Offences
14205 Meeting a Child Following Sexual Grooming
14206 Sexual Communication with a Child
14207 Abuse of Position of Trust
14208 Sexual Activity with Child Family Member
14209 Sex with Adult Relative: Penetration & Consenting to Penetration
14301 Taking Indecent Photographs
14302 Possessing Indecent Photographs
14303 Possession of Prohibited Images of Children
14401 Causing or Inciting the Sexual Exploitation of Children
14402 Paying for the Sexual Services of a Child
14403 Information about Guests at Hotels
14404 Possession of a Paedophile Manual
14501 Sexual Offences Against People with a Mental Disorder: Introduction
14502 Sexual Activity with a Person with a Mental Disorder
14503 Sexual Activity in the Presence of a Person with a Mental Disorder
14504 Causing a Person with a Mental Disorder to Watch a Sexual Act
14601 Prostitution: Introduction
14602 Causing, Inciting or Controlling Prostitution
14603 Paying for the Sexual Services of a Prostitute Subjected to Force
14604 Keeping a Brothel Used for Prostitution
14605 Keeping a Disorderly House
14606 Soliciting
14607 Soliciting by Kerb Crawling
14701 Preparatory Offences
14702 Outraging Public Decency & Exposure
14703 Voyeurism: Observing, Operating Equipment & Recording
14704 Voyeurism: Upskirting
14705 Sexual Activity in a Public Lavatory
14706 Possession of Extreme Pornographic Images
14707 Disclosing Private Sexual Photographs or Films
14999 Revision Questions - Crime 4

Crime 5
(Child Protection / Theft and Related Offences)

15101 Child Abduction: Person Connected with Child
15102 Child Abduction: Person Not Connected with Child
15103 Child Cruelty
15104 Police Protection of Children
15105 Designated Officer
15106 Contravention of Police Protection
15107 Disclosure of Information Regarding Child
15201 Theft: Introduction
15202 Dishonesty
15203 Appropriation
15204 Property
15205 Theft of Land
15206 Things Growing Wild
15207 Wild Creatures
15208 What is NOT Property?
15209 Belonging to Another
15210 Intention of Permanently Depriving
15211 Theft Recapped
15212 Robbery
15213 Blackmail
15214 Burglary
15215 Aggravated Burglary
15216 Taking a Conveyance Without Consent
15217 Interfering with Vehicles
15218 Going Equipped
15219 Handling Stolen Goods
15220 Dishonestly Retaining a Wrongful Credit
15221 Making Off Without Payment
15222 Proceeds of Crime
15999 Revision Questions - Crime 5

Crime 6
(Fraud / Criminal Damage)

16101 Fraud: Introduction
16102 Fraud by False Representation
16103 Fraud by Failing to Disclose
16104 Fraud by Abuse of Position
16105 Possession or Control of Articles for Use in Frauds
16106 Making or Supplying Articles for Use in Frauds
16107 Obtaining Services Dishonestly
16108 False Accounting
16201 Simple Criminal Damage
16202 Aggravated Damage
16203 Arson
16204 Threats to Destroy or Damage Property
16205 Having Articles with Intent to Destroy or Damage Property
16206 Contamination or Interference with Goods
16999 Revision Questions - Crime 6

Evidence & Procedure
(Release of Persons Arrested / The Law of Evidence / Police Station Procedure)

21101 Introduction to the Release of Persons Arrested and Bail
21102 Pre-Charge Police Bail
21103 Duty to Inform Suspects in Writing
21104 Offence of Breach of Pre-Charge Bail Travel Restriction
21105 Pre-Charge Police Bail Summary
21106 Forthcoming Changes to Pre-Charge Police Bail
21107 Police Bail After Charge
21108 Acknowledging Bail in the Name of Another
21109 Detention of Juveniles After Charge
21110 Offence of Absconding
21111 Remands in Police Custody
21201 Exclusion of Admissible Evidence
21301 Strip Searches and Intimate Searches
21302 Search and Examination to Ascertain Identity
21303 Right Not To Be Held Incommunicado
21304 Relevant Time
21305 Identification by Body Samples and Impressions
21999 Revision Questions - Evidence & Procedure

Road Policing
(Road Policing - Definitions, Principles & Key Police Powers / Offences Involving Standards of Driving / Reportable Accidents / Drink, Drugs & Driving / Protection of Road Users & Use of the Highways)

31101 Road Policing: Definitions and Principles
31102 The Power to Stop a Vehicle
31103 Road Checks
31201 Causing Death or Serious Injury by Dangerous Driving
31202 Dangerous Driving
31203 Careless and Inconsiderate Driving
31204 Causing Death by Careless Driving when Unfit through Drink or Drugs
31205 Causing Death by Careless Driving
31206 Refusal to Give Details
31301 Reportable Accidents: Introduction
31302 What is a Reportable Accident?
31303 Duty to Stop, Provide Details & Report
31304 Reportable Accidents Summary
31401 Driving or Attempting to Drive or Being in Charge of a Mechanically Propelled Vehicle while Unfit Through Drink or Drugs
31402 Driving or Attempting to Drive or Being in Charge of a Motor Vehicle while Over the Prescribed Limit
31403 Preliminary Tests
31404 Evidential Specimens
31405 Failing to Provide Specimen or Give Permission for Test
31501 Tampering with Motor Vehicles
31502 Using a Vehicle for Harassment
31503 Smoking in Vehicles
31504 Shining or Directing a Laser Beam Towards a Vehicle
31999 Revision Questions - Road Policing

General Police Duties

(Entry, Search & Seizure / Protecting Citizens & The Community / Public Order / Sporting Events / Offences Involving Communications /Offences and Powers Relating to Information / Offences Against the Administration of Justice)

41101 Entry, Search and Seizure: Introduction
41102 Search Warrants
41103 Search Warrants for Indicatable Offences
41104 Legally Privileged, Excluded & Special Procedure Material
41105 s18 Power to Search after Arrest for Indictable Offence
41106 Search with Consent
41201 Parenting Orders
41202 Child Safety Orders
41203 Removal of Truants and Excluded Pupils
41301 Breach of the Peace
41302 Riot
41303 Violent Disorder
41304 Affray
41305 Fear or Provocation of Violence
41306 Intentional Harassment, Alarm, Distress
41307 Disorderly Conduct
41401 Misbehaviour at a Designated Football Match
41402 Football Banning Orders
41403 Sporting Events and Alcohol
41404 Fireworks and Flares at Sporting Events
41405 Ticket Touts
41501 Placing or Sending Articles or Substances
41502 Threats and Communication of False Information
41503 Interfering with Mail
41504 Sending Prohibited Article by Post
41505 Obstruction of a Postal Service
41506 Malicious Communications
41507 Improper Use of Public Communications
41508 Making False Alarm of Fire
41601 Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act
41602 Covert Human Intelligence Sources
41603 Covert Surveillance
41701 Perjury
41702 Aiding and Abetting Perjury
41703 Offences Similar to Perjury
41704 Perverting the Course of Justice
41705 Intimidating Witnesses and Jurors in Proceedings for an Offence
41706 Intimidation of Witnesses in Other Proceedings
41707 Assisting Offenders
41708 Concealing Relevant Offences
41709 Escaping
41710 Assisting Escape
41711 Harbouring Offenders
41712 Wasting Police Time
41999 Revision Questions - GPD

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